Stage 2


Stage 2 - The Clatteringshaws


The longest stage in Raiders Gravel history, and with a very respectable amount of climbing to make it a day to remember! Once again you’re uphill from the event village, though this time on tarmac until you retrace some of your Stage One wheel tracks, riding some of it in the opposite direction.

You’ll join Raiders Road, which lends the event its name, heading east past Stroan Loch, before two of the hardest climbs of the entire weekend then a tricky descent back to Raiders Road, this time going west!

After a short stretch on tarmac there’s more climbing - it is Scotland! - rounding Clatteringshaws Loch in an anti-clockwise direction for the first time in the event’s history. It’s likely you’ll be concentrating too much, but this is arguably the most beautiful part of the whole weekend.

After another short stretch of tarmac you’re back in the forest and once again on trails never before visited by Raiders Gravel, before  you finally reach the finish at the Big Water of Fleet viaduct.

If you’re in the Ride wave and feel like taking it easy, the shortcut reduces the total stage distance to 73km.

Details of the days off-bike activities can be found in our Event Programme.