Stage 2


saturday, 31 august
Stage 2 - The GRANNOCH


The longest stage in Raiders Gravel history, and with a very respectable amount of climbing to make it a day to remember! Once again you’re uphill from the event village, but this time up the  aptly named Fuffock Hill. A challenging 7km gravel climb.

After a thrilling descent you’ll join Laurieston Road, before rejoining the gravel tracks, heading east past Loch Skerrow and Stroan Loch on the abandoned Portpatrick Railway.

After a short stretch on Raiders Road you'll be faced with another tough climb up Slaughter Hill followed by a tricky descent back to Raiders Road.

You soon settle in to a less taxing middle section, however the later climbs are tough too, it’s just as well the views are stunning!

A final glimpse of Loch Grannoch before you descend towards the Big Water of Fleet viaduct and the finish line.

The British Gravel Championship race route finish is at the Big Water of Fleet viaduct at 87.6km. For full details on the British Gravel Championships (into which all Raiders Gravel RACE wave participants will be entered on this day) can be found at

If you’re in the Ride wave and feel like taking it easy, the shortcut reduces the total stage distance to 81.3km.

Details of the days off-bike activities can be found in our Event Programme.