Stage 1

The Grannoch

Stage 1 - The Grannoch


For 2024 Raiders Gravel heads to some new trails, though much of the opening kilometres of the first stage are the same as The Gralloch, the UCI Gravel World Series race.

And it’s a tough start, the opening 11km are almost all uphill, so make sure you pace yourself. And there’s a fair bit of climbing as the day goes on, though some of it is on tarmac, on which racers are not timed.

There’s some exhilarating descending to be done too but you soon settle in to a less taxing middle section. The later climbs are tough too, it’s just as well the views are stunning!

Each stage will have a pre-arranged shortcut available for those in the Ride Wave who would prefer to head back to the event village early. For Stage 1 it reduces the overall stage distance to 54km.

Details of the days off-bike activities can be found in our Event Programme.