Event Details


Not every rider has the same outlook, commitment or even physique, that’s why Raiders Gravel has two start waves.

The Race Wave is for competitive riders, each racing head to head for daily stage wins and overall victory.

The Ride Wave starts 15 minutes after the racers. This is for less competitive cyclists who want to test themselves or spin the legs and enjoy the scenery.

Solo or Team

For some Raiders Gravel is better with a friend so you can ride as part of a two rider team. You can enter with a friend, team mate or even your partner, as we have both single gender and mixed categories.

You don’t have to ride together, but the time is taken off the second rider to finish.


Those riders selecting the Race category will be ranked in one of the following categories (based on their age & team format). Teams are assigned based on the age of the youngest rider in the team. All ages are calculated on 31.12.2024:

Men (16-39)
Women (16-39)
Masters Men (40-49)
Masters Women (40-49)
Grand Masters Men (50-59)
Grand Masters Women (50-59)
Super Grand Masters Men (60+)
Super Grand Masters Women (60+)
Mixed (Team entry only)

*E-Bikes are welcome but will be automatically included in the RIDE start wave.

Ranking & Timing

Each of the two start waves has a different method of timing, so read on to find out how that affects you.

Race Wave

For you Raiders Gravel is a gravel race, so you do not race on any road sections.

You’ll follow a lead vehicle from the event village to the trails where you cross the timing mat and your time starts. Your time stops when you leave the gravel trails so you can take it easy on the ride back to the event village.

Some of the stages will have a road section in the middle, your time will stop there and restart when you hit the trails again. Those times will be added together to calculate the aggregate time for the stage, the winner will be the fastest on the timed sections.

Each day’s time will be added together to work out the overall winner.

Ride Wave

For the less competitive riders on the Ride Wave your time will start when you cross the mat as you leave the event village and it’ll stop when you return. So you get a time, but it’s not a race, so there’s no winner, though there may be some smugness if you’re faster than one of your mates! 


For the 2024 edition of Raiders Gravel we will be providing pre-arranged short cuts for each stage. These can be used by Ride Wave riders who feel they'd rather head back to the event village early.

You will not receive a time for any stage you decide to use the shortcut.

If you are riding the Ride Wave and use the shortcut you will automatically be moved to the Ride Wave for that and the following stages.

Swapping start waves

Things don’t always go to plan and swapping start waves is, of course, allowed. So if you’re flying on day one you can switch from Ride to Race Wave. You will get a ranking, but, as you missed one of the stages you will not be part of the overall classification.

Likewise if you start stage one on the Race Wave but have a total mare you can switch to the non-competitive Ride Wave!

Event programme

Raiders Gravel can be as busy or relaxed as you want it. As well as the riding we have a full programme of events to keep you occupied throughout the weekend.

Full event programme