Stage 3


sunday, 1 september
Stage 3 - The Skerrow


After Saturday’s longest ever stage Sunday offers its shortest, making for a fast and furious finale to Raiders Gravel.

It’s 10km or tarmac to start, uphill out of Gatehouse until you hit the gravel at the Big Water of Fleet viaduct. This next section will be quick as it’s mostly downhill or flat, with a new trail for Raiders Gravel adding extra interest. Don’t get caught out though,  the climb in the middle of this section will certainly slow your progress!

You’ll follow the Blackwater of Dee River for a while, before turning back on yourself to follow to the river’s opposite bank along Raiders Road. This is just about the flattest section of the entire weekend, looping round Stroan Loch before joining the former Portpatrick Railway line, guaranteeing stunning views as you approach the final climb of the weekend.

A relaxed tarmac descent down Laurieston Road into Gatehouse is the reward after the end of the final gravel stretch.

Once again there is a shortcut available reducing the total stage distance to 31km.

Details of the days off-bike activities can be found in our Event Programme.