Falling leaves and the start of Raiders Gravel 2024

Most of the leaves have floated to the ground, winter is beginning to cast its shadow and a hint of melancholy has settled over the Galloway Forest Park. The warmth and sunshine of this year’s second edition of Raiders Gravel is finding a special place in our memory, but we’re far from resting on our laurels.

To make any event run smoothly organisation needs to start early, and for us that means the week following this year’s Raiders Gravel, but things have taken a step forward recently with a visit to Gatehouse of Fleet.

One of the priorities has been checking out new routes. Though there were some minor tweaks this year, the routes have remained largely unchanged, but leaving with so much beautiful terrain to play with we will be broadening our horizons in 2024. Rest assured the vast majority of your riding will remain off-road and you’ll have some more stunning views to hold in your heart.

We have been lucky over the years to have huge buy-in from the community in Gatehouse of Fleet who have become part of the event, and especially the evening entertainment. So any visit to the town is an opportunity to cement relationships and inform them of plans for the coming year.

We’ll be back to see them again in the New Year, in the meantime there’s a different feel out on the trails, but it’s still beautiful, just a different kind of beautiful.

See you next year? Register for 2024: raidersgravel.com/registration